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We are delighted to announce the eagerly awaited TERMIS 2025, a premier event that brings together medical professionals, researchers, and industry leaders from around the globe. Join us for this exceptional gathering of minds as we explore the latest advancements in healthcare, foster interdisciplinary collaboration, and encourage innovation in the field.

Join us on an journey into the heart of Tissue Engeneering and Regenerative Medicine, where the exchange of ideas and the pursuit of medical excellence take center stage. From cutting-edge research presentations to interactive workshops and thought-provoking discussions, the congress remains a beacon of inspiration for the healthcare community, fostering innovation and cooperation on a global scale.

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What our congress exhibitors & sponsors can expect

1000+ participants from around the world

A robust Exhibit Hall enhanced with hundreds of scientific posters

Poster Sessions & Conference breaks that take place in the Exhibit Hall

Engaged attendees who are eager to learn about your products & services

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Christoph Scherbarth
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