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TERMIS-EU 2025 will take place from 19-23 May 2025 in Freiburg, Germany. This website will provide you with all necessary information on the conference, its schedule, highlights, speakers, industry partners as well as important deadlines e.g. for abstract submission. The information will be added continuously. If you have any questions regarding the TERMIS-EU 2025 conference please contact us via

Our vision

Shaping the future by connecting scientific diversity


Hands-on surgical experience using animal tissues Live-streaming surgeries

Our unique attributes

Conference at the intersection of basic science and clinical medicine

Conference & Joint Programme Chairs

Bernd Rolauffs, M.D.
Melanie Hart, PhD
Günther Schlunck, M.D.
Thorsten Steinberg, PhD

Highlight Topics

What topics will be debated? What new research will be discussed? From biomaterials to gene therapy and microscopy & advanced imaging: You can look forward to exciting sessions and lectures on innovation, translation and digitization.

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Freiburg is a scenic, vibrant university city and home to one of the oldest universities in Germany. Founded in 1091, picturesque Freiburg is located in southwest germany’s black forest. It is known for its cobblestone streets, medieval architecture, and beautiful cathedral. Freiburg is referred to as the “eco-capital of germany” or “green city Freiburg” due to its remarkable commitment to the environment and sustainability. Freiburg is strategically located within a short distance to the following 6 international airports that are only 1-2 hours distance.

Freiburg, Germany